Cerme Cave (Goa Cerme), Yogyakarta, Indonesian Tourism Destination

>> Jumat, 19 Juni 2009

Srunggo Hamlet, Village Selopamioro, Imogiri Sub-district, Bantul INDONESIA

Goa Cerme Srunggo located in Hamlet, Village Selopamioro, Imogiri Sub-district, about 15 (fifteen) kilometers southeasterly of Bantul.

The length of cave is approximately 1.2 kilometers and the river flows down inside the ground for safe caving activities. The average water depth reaching 1-1,5 meters.

End of the form of a cave in the region is being Panggang, precisely in the village Ploso, Giritirto, Gunungkidul District.

In addition to the main cave, there is also another cave which is often used as a place of meditation, such as manipulator Goa, Goa Ledhek, Goa Badhut, and The Cave.

To reach the front gate the cave, you have to climb the mountain pass about 759 steps of stairs. At night, the town in the north look beautiful with thousands of sparkling lights.

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