The Mystery Behind the death of Michael Jackson

>> Jumat, 26 Juni 2009

U.S. security officials working to reveal the mystery behind the death of Michael Jackson, including whether the prescription drugs used by megabintang into the death of one of the factors. Otoptioni corpse of Michael Jackson held starting Friday (26 / 6), although the results can not be achieved until all the tests toksilogi take several weekend finished.

"However, when the cause of death could be determined through otopsi, the results will be announced," said Investigator coronary Los Angeles County, Jerry McKibben. Information in a press conference, Friday, Lt. Ed Winter, assistant head of the coronary, explain the small probability for coronary office to immediately announce the results otoption on the same day. Possible otoprion new results can be announced within 6 to 8 weeks to come.

"We hold that while otopsi run other checks, said Winter. The Los Angeles police investigate the death of Jackson recognizes get special treatment based on the provisions that apply.

Brian Oxman, a former lawyer Michael Jakson family friendly as well megabintang never explained his concern over drug use habits Jackson pain killer. Brian Oxman also warned the family of Jackson worry up the possibility that drug misuse.

Michael Jackson died Thursday (25 / 6), while preparing a series of 50 concerts originally scheduled to take place in the 02 arena, London, on July 13. Stars are known as Jacko is taking his last breath at UCLA Medical Center after fainting in the contract that the home is located in the residential luxury Holmby Hills.

Paramedical staff to try Jacko meresusitasi for almost three-quarters hours before transporting to the hospital to get further treatment from a doctor. Office of Los Angeles fire department issued a plan to help apply the results of recordings from the residence of Michael Jackson to the emergency assistance telephone application 911, local time Friday or Saturday (27 / 6) WIB. Based on the application assistance to 911 paramedical staff that were to Jackson to pick up residential and take him to the UCLA Medical Center.

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